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Cruise Oregon May Newsletter


  We are getting close now!  Registration is closed, and we ended up with 106 cars registered, with 22 Newbies, and 31 from the Route 26 Cruisers Car Club. We are thrilled at the turn out!

   By now, you should have received your pre-pay/headcount form in the mail, as well as a print newsletter. If you are registered, and you did not receive it yet, let us know ASAP. Please have those forms back in by the end of May. Anything you signed up for will be listed on the back of your name tag, and it will be your admission to the events and dinners along the way.

   Groups have been assigned, and you will hear from your individual group leader around the middle of June. Your group leader will be your "go to" person with questions or concerns. If they don't know the answer to your question, they will find out!

   Remember if you do not have a cell phone with a camera, to bring a digital camera along for the photo scavenger hunt in Long Beach. There will be a prize for the winner.

  Also, a reminder that we will be having a PJ dress up party in Florence at dinner, so start looking for your crazy pajama outfits!

  We are trying to look into some covered bridges to see along the way that are not too far off the beaten path. It's looking like there might be several that are easy to get to.

  The committee will meet one more time on June 24th for a final meeting and goody bag stuffing. I will send another update at that time.

Cruise Oregon April Newsletter

Happy April, Cruisers!

Time is flying and registration for the 2017 Cruise Oregon will be closing in a little over two weeks. If you have been on the fence about registering, it's decision time! Registrations need to be in by the 30th. Also, if you have registered and have not made your hotel reservations yet, please get that done ASAP! The rooms release on May 1st.

Once registration closes, around the first week of May, you will receive via snail mail, a newsletter from the Cruise Director and Mayor, as well as your Pre-pay/Headcount form for meals and events. The form needs to be returned by May 30th. You can also sign up for the Friday night meet and greet at Memory Lane on this form.

If you are considering doing the dune buggies in Florence, this will also be a pre-pay, as we have to pay for it in advance and reserve the buggies. They run rain or shine, so be aware that it will happen even if the weather is inclement.

I have included a picture of the pillow one of our committee members made from a goody bag. Everyone registered will get one goody bag, but if you want extras to make your own pillows, you need to order them by the end of April as well. If you have already registered and did not order, but still want to, be sure to let us know right away. Deadline for Cruise Oregon license plates will also be the end of April. If you want either, let Karen Strand know at cruisedirector@cruiseoregon.com

We have a nice group signed up so far, with 96 cars registered, 29 from the Route 26 Cruisers, and 16 newbies.

Only about three more months to go, Folks!!!

Karen Koch

Cruise Oregon March Newsletter

Wow! It's March and Oregon is still seeing some snow! Most of us can't wait for Spring to start, and some nicer days ahead.

As of our March meeting, we now have 83 cars signed up for the cruise, with 11 Newbies, and 27 members of the Route 26 Cruisers. Remember, registration closes the end of April, so if you have been sitting on the fence about getting yours in, you might want to get on that. Hotels are filling up, so make sure you have made those reservations as well before our special rates expire.

As a reminder, once your registration is in, you will receive a list of our hotels to make your reservations. When Registration closes, you will get a pre-pay, headcount form to sign up for meals and events. One thing that is nice about this cruise, is that you can pay for a lot of your meals and activities ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about that while on the cruise.

We have most of the planned meals firmed up at this point, and are still working on events, such as dune buggies and miniature golf in Florence. We have also gotten confirmation that we will be able to see a private collection of cars in Florence.

Our meet and greet at Memory Lane in Portland the night before we leave will be a lot of fun. We are trying something new this year, and will have a food truck there. Slick's Big Time BBQ will provide Beef, Pork, or Chicken sandwiches, as well as two sides, chips, and water. This will also be a pre-pay.

That's about it for now! See y'all next month!

Karen Koch

Cruise Oregon February Newsletter

Hello Cruisers!

    Looks like winter is finally on it's way out! Oregon had an especially tough one this year, with a lot of snow and ice, so most of us are thrilled to see the rain return.

    As of our February meeting, we already have 76 cars signed up for the cruise, with 27 from the Route 26 Cruisers car club, and 7 newbies. Please remember that registration forms need to be in no later than the end of April, so if you have been putting it off, why not consider getting yours in?

    If you are already registered and have received your hotel information, we suggest you get those reservations made.

    On one of our free days on the cruise, we will be doing a 'photo scavenger hunt'. Most of us have cell phones to take photos with, but some do not, so if you are interested in participating in this scavenger hunt, you will need a digital camera or cell phone so we can score you when you get back. A photo scavenger hunt is like a regular one, but you will be touring around the town, and taking a picture of the item you are looking for. Should be a lot of fun!

    We will have one theme night this year, and it will be a pajama night for both men and women. Please...no teddies or questionable attire, but put your thinking caps on and think up an outfit that might win you a prize.

   Other than that, we are still working on firming up dinners, and events, so hope to have more to share with you next month.

Until then,

Karen Koch

Cruise Oregon January Newsletter


  Oregon is digging out of a large snow/ice storm that has had us pretty much a mess for a week now. The temperatures are finally above freezing for the first time in a month, and we are back to our usual rain. Who would have thought we would be happy to see rain??? We hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season, and are now looking ahead to a new year.

   Registration forms went out in the mail in December and we already have 52 cars registered, with 24 Route 26 Cruisers members, and 4 newbies! You know how we love our newbies....

   People are ordering the extra canvas goody bags and license plates, and I would like to remind you that both will be a ONE TIME order, so if you want one, be sure to mark it on your registration form.

   Here's what we are working on so far:

-The Friday night meet and greet will be at Matthew's Memory Lane in Portland.

-Saturday night in Long Beach, we will be having an informal dinner at our hotel.

-Sunday in Long Beach is a free day, and we will be having a photo Scavenger hunt of the surrounding area.

-Monday is a short drive to Lincoln City, so we are looking into some things to do on the way. We are planning a dinner that night.

- Tuesday afternoon, we will have a Show N Shine in Florence. That will be from 4-6, followed by dinner at the hotel.

- Wednesday is a free day in Florence. We are arranging dune buggy rides of the sand dunes, and a putt-putt golf tournament. This facility also has a train ride, bumper boats and go carts, which you can do on your own if you wish. Sounds like a really fun day!

- Thursday in Canyonville, dinner will be at the hotel.

- Friday is a free day in Canyonville. We are looking in to some scenic drives, and possibly seeing a covered bridge.

- Saturday in Eugene is our last night and dinner will be at the hotel.

We are still working on trying to see some private collections....hopefully, more to come on that later.

As a lot of you know, we have always had an animal as our mascot each year. This year, we decided to change that, and each group will be a different animal from one of the past years. Should be fun, and something different!

Things are coming along nicely. If you know of anyone that is interested in joining us, they can print out the registration on our website. Please remember those registrations need to be in by the April 30th cut off.

Until next month -


Cruise Oregon November Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

 Wow....the election is over, and we can all get back to normal life! It's already the middle of November, and the year is fading fast. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Time to sit back and relax with those you love.

Registration forms for our 2017 cruise will be going out in the mail in early December, and as always, as soon as you get them back, we will send you the list of hotels where we have rooms blocked, so you can get your reservations made. On the registration forms, you can order your one of a kind Cruise Oregon license plate again this year, it looks great on your car for the cruise, and even better on the garage wall as a memory later.  And we have something new to offer as well. People have said they have used their canvas goody bags after the cruise, and made them into pillows! Just put a pillow form into the bag and sew up the top....viola! So, on your registration form, there will be a spot to order extra canvas bags if you would like to do that. Both the license plates, and the extra bags will be a one time order, so if you want either of them, you need to order them on your registration form.

For those of you receiving this email who are not on our snail mail list, you will be able to print out the registration form from our website, sometime around the middle of December. The web address is: www.cruiseoregon.com

The committee is looking into things to do along the way. There will be a show n' shine in Florence, and they are very excited about us coming! Lighthouses, covered bridges, dune buggy rides, all are things we are looking in to. I will share what we come up with as they are firmed up.

We will not be having a meeting in December, so there will not be an email either. Your committee would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and a very Merry Christmas.

Until January,

Cruise Oregon October Newsletter

Hi everyone!

The weather is changing, most of us have put our cars to bed for the winter, and the Portland area is due for some pretty big storms this coming weekend. Hard to believe that summer is over, and we are heading into the "off" season.

Planning for the 2017 cruise is coming along. I stated in last month's newsletter that we would be staying entirely in the state of Oregon, but I now have to amend that. We were unable to get reasonable hotel rates in two of the northern Oregon coastal towns we were considering, so we will be spending two night's in Washington. Now that we have it all worked out, I can share where we will be going:

Saturday 7/8/17 - Leaving Sandy, Oregon and driving to Long Beach, Washington
Sunday 7/9/17 - Free day in Long Beach
Monday 7/10/17 - Leave Long Beach, and drive to Lincoln City, Oregon
Tuesday 7/11/17 - Leave Lincoln City, and drive to Florence, Oregon
Wednesday 7/12/17 - Free day in Florence
Thursday 7/13/17 - Leave Florence, and drive to Canyonville, Oregon
Friday 7/14/17- Free day in Canyonville
Saturday 7/15/17- Leave Canyonville and drive to Eugene, Oregon for our last night

This is shaping up to be a really awesome, easy driving cruise! There are no driving days that are more than 3 hours, and many with even less, so there will be plenty of time to stop along the way and see the sights. Mileage will be around 714 miles.

As always, we are now working on dinners, events, and getting together with other car clubs along the way. More about those plans as we firm them up over the coming months.

Have a great Halloween!

Cruise Oregon September Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

The Route 26 Cruisers are pleased to announce that WE'RE BACK!!! After taking a break this year, we had a meeting this week to start discussing a Cruise Oregon in 2017. It has been decided that we are going to have one, and we are very excited to see you all again, and have another week of cruising fun!

We are just starting the planning, but I can tell you that the 2017 cruise will be entirely in the state of Oregon. Save the dates : July 8-16, 2017.

If you have any questions, you can email Karen Strand at cruisedirector@cruiseoregon.com

More to come in the coming months........