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Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride!" May Newsletter 


 A note from your cruise director:


When we set off meeting and making plans for the nineteenth annual edition of Cruise Oregon, nobody could have ever imagined what would happen to our lives with the arrival of COVID-19. Life has become so different for us all from the stay at home orders, work from home, businesses, restaurants, bars, gyms, hair salons all shuttered and closed. If you are not essential then you are home, practicing your social distancing skills, washing your hands, and catching up on Netflix...

We as a committee have now been conducting our meetings on "Zoom." Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks! It is great to see everybody, we can all talk and share opinions, offer advice, and try to figure out what our best plan will be moving forward.

We are listening to the advice of the CDC, our local health officials, and going along with the governor. The state of Oregon has joined with Washington and California to try to move forward together when they begin to reopen their respective states. From my understanding it is going to go in stages, depending on current numbers, testing availability, along with results. It is going to be a slow process.

Unfortunately, we are all in the demographics that do not favor us if we are exposed to, or encounter, someone who may have the Coronavirus or be a carrier of the virus. We have all led full lives and would like to continue to do so for many years to come. With that being said, we have decided to postpone, reschedule, Cruise Oregon 2020. Since we have done the leg work with our route, activities, meals, and blocking of the hotels, the new date for Cruise Oregon 2021 will be July 10th - 18th. We will do the same route, have the same mascot.

I am still working out details with the hotels, and working on rebooking for 2021, which is problematic due to many of them being closed or operating with an extremely limited staff. Your filled out registration form will be good for next year and any merchandise you may have ordered you will receive next year too. We will just put everything on pause. I would recommend that you CANCEL your hotel reservations at this time, and once we have everything back in place I will reach out again to let you know that yes, you're good to go and you can once again make your hotel reservations for 2021.

Please stay safe, continue to practice your social distancing, wash your hands and know the we as a committee will miss you all so much, but your safety and health are what is important.

Karen Strand

Cruise Oregon Director



Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride!" March Newsletter 


A message from your Cruise Director

Hi Everyone -

A message from your Cruise Director:

We are now living in what seems like a scene from a movie that you should be watching on television, or in the theater. It's now everyone's real life - it's happening right in front of us.

A lot of us are at that certain age where you need to be taking extra precautions. Many of us are living with compromised immune systems, dealing with cancer or are cancer survivors....COVID-19 is nothing to be messing with, or coming into contact with. Please practice your social distancing, hand washing, and everything else the CDC is preaching. We need to flatten the curve.

We, as a committee, are taking what is happening in our area seriously, shuttering at home, practicing our social distancing, and not gathering in groups.

I have had a few calls asking if we plan to cancel Cruise Oregon, and I just want to say, at this time, that it's really a wait and see. We are cautious as we move forward to see what the next four weeks bring, and how much further the virus has spread, slowed, or ???? We are still working on activities, meals and with the hotels as we enter these uncharted territories.

Stay safe, use common sense. Registration closes on April 30, 2020.

Karen Strand

Cruise Oregon Director




Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride!" February Newsletter



After a fairly wet winter, the weather has improved and we here in Oregon have been having some beautiful, sunny, days. Starting to get Spring Fever!

As of now, we have 39 registered for this year's cruise, and I can now give you a bit of a breakdown of what we have been working on. Remember the dates, July 11-19th. Registration closes April 30th, so you might want to think about getting yours in.

Friday night's meet and greet is still being worked on. More details to come.

Saturday is a fairly short drive to Olympia, so you can take a side trip to the top of Mt. St. Helens to see the crater and visit the         interpretive centers. Dinner will be at the hotel that night.

Sunday on your own in Olympia. We will have a visit to the Thunderdome Car Museum if you wish. You can read more about it here: www.thunderdomecarmuseum.org

Monday we will head to Port Angeles. You can look around Port Townsend on the way, or visit the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. You can read about the game farm here: www.olygamefarm.com  Dinner that night will be at the hotel

Tuesday is a free day in Port Angeles. You can take the ferry over to Victoria, B.C., Canada either on foot or in your car of you wish. Be   sure to have your passport if you decide to do this. You can buy tickets for the ferry online ahead of time at www.cohoferry.com

Wednesday we are off to Ocean Shores, Washington. We are hoping to have a beach bonfire that night, but that is still up in the air.

Thursday is a free day in Ocean Shores to explore, play in the casino, or whatever you wish. Dinner will be at the hotel that night.

Friday we will head to Astoria, Oregon. You can visit Northwest Carriage house in Raymond. More about that here: www.nwcarriagemuseum.org

Saturday is a free day to explore Astoria. Maybe go across the bridge to Long Beach, or take the downtown trolley to see the sights. More about the trolley here: www.old300.org That night we will have our last night dinner at the Astoria Elks Club.

All in all, it's shaping up to be a wonderful cruise!

Until next month,


Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride" January Newsletter


Hello, and Happy New Year!

   Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Now it's cold, wet, January here in the Northwest. Some of us were lucky (or unlucky, I guess it's how you look at it) to get a little snow this past week. Those of us that live in the lowlands, only got cold rain. I'm sure all of us are ready for Spring so we can get those cars out and about!

   Your Cruise Oregon committee has been hard at work, looking into activities for the cruise, and taking care of all the details. I hope to begin to share some of those with you next month.

   So far, we have 29 registered for the cruise and applications are still coming in. You can always print out a registration form using the link above.  Registration closes on April 30th.

   Have a great rest of the month!



                                        Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride" December Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

    Christmas is almost here, and Oregon is under an 'atmospheric river' bringing lots of that stuff that Oregon is known for.....rain! It's unusually warm though, in the 50's, so that's kind of nice for December!

   Registration forms for the cruise were mailed out the first part of this month, so you should have them by now. If for some reason you didn't get one in the mail, you can always print one off online at www.cruiseoregon.com It's right on the first page. Registration forms need to be in by the end of April. Once you have registered, we will send you the hotel list, and as always, we suggest you make your reservations now. Just tell them you are with the Cruise Oregon group.

  Your Cruise Oregon committee would like to wish you all and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




 Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride" November Newsletter

Hi Cruisers!

   As most of you are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, here's a little light reading for you!

   The route for our 2020 Cruise Oregon is now set. We will  be spending two nights in each of the following towns: Olympia, Port Angeles, Ocean Shores, and Astoria. We have been getting in touch with some local car clubs in the towns we will be visiting, and working on some show 'n shines. There will be a day trip to Victoria, B.C., for those who want to go to Canada on foot, off the ferry. The ferry arrives in Victoria, right in the downtown area, so it's easy to do. If you are interested in doing this, you will need a passport.

   Save the date for our informal meet and greet (working on the details) on Friday July 10th.

   Registration forms will go out in the mail the first week in December, and will close on April 30, 2020. Remember, you can always print a registration form from our website, www.cruiseoregon.com (see link above) if you need more copies.

   With the holidays upon us, your committee will not be meeting again until January. We would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends, and good food!



Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride" October Newsletter


     Happy Fall! Halloween is just around the corner, the leaves are falling, and some people have actually already had some snow! It's a beautiful time of year with all the colors, so enjoy.

     Our meeting this week was productive. At this time, I can not reveal the towns we will be visiting, as we are still firming up hotel availability. I hope to be able to tell you more in next month's newsletter. As I said last month, we will be staying in Western Washington, in gorgeous country.

      We are already working on events and things to see along the route, and are finding many new and fun things to do. This should be a really good cruise!

     Our animal for this year is the Alpaca, and our catch phrase is: Cruise Oregon "Alpaca My Ride!"

     Have a wonderful Halloween, and I will check in with y'all again next month!



Cruise Oregon September 2020 Newsletter   


    We had our first Cruise Oregon meeting, to start the planning for the 19th Cruise Oregon. Mark your calendars for July 11-19, 2020. Next year's cruise will be traveling to Western Washington. We are still trying to secure room blocks, so hopefully we can tell you more in next month's newsletter. We CAN say that you should probably have a passport. Definitely not mandatory, but it could be useful.

     We were able to give $3,874 to our charities from this year's cruise. $2,024 to the teen shopping in conjunction with the Sandy Kiwanis Christmas basket program, $1,000 to Mt. Hood Hospice, and $850 to the Sandy Action Center Food Bank.

    At the meeting, we read the comment postcards (If you still have yours, you can still send it in) and we appreciate the comments and take them to heart. Everyone loved the jet boats!! It was a fantastic time with friends having fun on the river. Many did not like the traffic on the Oregon Coast, but there is not much we can do about that.

    For those of you on this year's trip who went to see Randy Grubb, he wanted us to let you know the books are in, and available for sale. The cost is $50 per book, and that includes shipping. You can make the payment out to:

Randy Grubb

715 Greens Creek Rd.

Grants Pass, OR 97527

Until next month,